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serve a growing apathy in her husband to the Sunday service in the little congregational meeting-house. The basis of union between the Chief and the tutor was no


t altogether unintelligible, and was not as unreasonable as the family seemed to think. It was founded upon mutual interests, strengthened by mutual assistance. The t


utor wrote a good hand, the Chief a very poor one, having lost the use of his right hand through an injury. The tutor had a natural talent for making out


estimates and accounts. He had a kind of information which had been gleaned from centres of civilization which was helpful to the Chief, who had spe

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nt years in the seclusion of the settlement. Months passed. Unknown to any one, Wrenford often imagined what his life would be if Abbie could be induced to love him. This one thought, fervent and strong within him, filled him with constancy of purpose. Through all the duties of life this purpose inspired him, but any advances that he ventured to make were met with a cool reserve, which repelled him. He strove against the cruel wounds in his heart, and sought by every art in his power to win her. It was evident to all in the family circle that Abbie had become a changed girl since her stay in Quebec. Cheerfulness had always been her chief characteristic. Peals of laughter and French and

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im engaged with Wrenford. When they would call at the office in hope of hear

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g of the outside world—for newspapers rarely reached the township at that t

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Chief was the only link between them and civilization—the ubiquitous Wrenf

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intruding and diverting the Chief's attention. Nor were the neighbors alon

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that they had lost a friend. The sons began to realize that the young Engli

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termined to have the sole monopoly of their father's society. From early chi

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had been the inseparable companions of their father. Rarely did he enter upo

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terprise without first discussing it with them in all its bearings; but, sin

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English songs, with choruses, could be heard wherever she presided. Even in the poultry yard her rich fund of humor manifested itself in the naming of her feathered flock. A bronze turkey, stately and dignified, was addressed as Ch

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